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Automatic Raid Array Rebuilding

Hi guys, long time no post. Last post was at March and it's now already June.

Been busy as usual, however, not been dabbling as much as I "should" as I've been busy with other NON-FOSS related stuffs. (psst: I'm now heavily into photography. Went to shoot some Japan GT queens!! Kawaaiii)

Anyway, since this is a (nearly) purely an FOSS based blog, I'm gonna talk about my automatic Raid Rebuilding script.

You see, what happens is this, my postgresql box, (celeron 2x500GB in Raid 1) has a tendency to keep dieing once in a while for X reasons. (I have till now, been unable to locate the reason why it's dieing so often) I've tried to the write-all, read-all using dd but thus far, has not seen errors being thrown out. So, it's been a manual instance of...

go to work. see the email : Your raid has Died!
log onto the box, do the rebuild.

After a while, this just becomes tiring and I decided to fsck it and make it automatic.

Here's the script


FAIL_DRV=`mdadm --detail /dev/md0 | grep faulty | awk '{print $6}'`

if [ -n "$FAIL_DRV" ]
  echo "Detected degraded array : $FAIL_DRV"
  echo "Starting automated array rebuild process"
  mdadm /dev/md0 --fail $FAIL_DRV --remove $FAIL_DRV --add $FAIL_DRV
  echo "Nothing to do"

Simple eh..

So, now I don't have to come to work to see it all wonky because it'll automatically rebuild itself.

Some of you may ask, how come I don't just replace the drive? Because I can't find any replacement drive which is a PATA connection and at 500GB capacity! The largest I can find are 160GB.

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500GB PATA hard-drive

Really? You can't find a 500GB PATA hard drive? I found one in 30 seconds on

or if you're looking for some selection:
I should be more clear. I couldnt find one availabke in my company. sata there are plenty but not pata

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