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Gnome-2.20 - Totem Backend Changed to Gstreamer (By Default)

This sucks.. it’s 3am and I’m battling with Gnome-2.20 and the new Totem gstreamer backend which is refusing to play nice with RMVB files. (actually, I think it is unable to handle any codecs which is not supported by gstreamer - which is also why there’s the pitfdll plugin - which is not in gentoo’s portage by the way)

I really like totem as it integrates nicely with gnome (in general) and not to mention that it also is able to play/stream from a smb share unlike the rest of gnome and linux (in general and in my experience anyway). All other options, one has to mount the smb share into linux, or copy the entire file into the system before one can really play it, which totally sucks by the way.

It also seems that I was stucked using totem-2.16(I can’t remember why) and in totem-2.18, the gentoo people made the default totem backend from xine to gstreamer. (even though xine is still a supported backend based on what I read on the totem website)

So, going through the internet for “possible” solutions, I finally ended up hacking the ebuild to suit _my_ needs.

 $ diff -Nau /usr/portage/media-video/totem/totem-2.20.1.ebuild /usr/local/portage/media-video/totem/totem-2.20.1.ebuild
--- /usr/portage/media-video/totem/totem-2.20.1.ebuild  2007-11-29 14:06:23.000000000 +0800
+++ /usr/local/portage/media-video/totem/totem-2.20.1.ebuild    2007-12-19 02:55:44.000000000 +0800
@@ -103,7 +103,7 @@
        # use global mozilla plugin dir
        G2CONF=“${G2CONF} MOZILLA_PLUGINDIR=/usr/$(get_libdir)/nsbrowser/plugins”

-       G2CONF=“${G2CONF} --disable-vala --disable-vanity --enable-gstreamer --with-dbus”
+       G2CONF=“${G2CONF} --disable-vala --disable-vanity --enable-xine --disable-gstreamer --with-dbus”

        if use gnome ; then
            G2CONF=“${G2CONF} --disable-gtk --enable-nautilus”

Note : This at least made it able to play rmvb files once again.

Note 2: You may need to mae a symlink to your win32codecs install location as xine defaults to searching in /usr/lib/codecs (which doesn’t exists in gentoo)


thanks for a valuable help. i searched for this solution a half year ago and don't remember exectly how i solved this problem that time. spoon.

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